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Going Country for Berries and Beauty


It’s summer time in my part of the world. Oh what fun!

For my family, summer usually means three things:

  • We break out the swim trunks and boogie boards for hours of fun at the pool and the beach,
  • We take road trips along back roads and country lanes,
  • And, we make countless trips to the orchard. For every fruit that’s ready for picking.

This year, we hit the orchard a bit late. We missed the strawberries, but hey, we got there in time for the cherries. So come with me to our favorite orchard. It’ll take us about thirty minutes to get there from my house, but it should be worth the drive.

Like I was saying—welcome to Larriland Farm, in Woodbine, Maryland. Pretty, ain’t it?



I love this red barn that’s actually a country store. We’ll go in later, I want to show you the other buildings first…



White and blue. Pretty as, well, a picture…



White, green, red and blue. Rustic yet vivid, let your eyes drink in the view.



Sweet pea and tractors. Pretty and tough.



Going into the store now…wait! Look to your side. Isn’t that a lovely view?



Okay, we made it inside. Re-stock the pantry at home?



Jams, jellies, and sauces. And a view.



Rafters, with an owl to keep an eye on things.



Not a fan of shopping? I bet you wouldn’t mind waiting out here:



Or here. Whichever you prefer.



The cherry grove. Finally! Just a warning, these white cherries are a bit tart.



Almost crushed these spring onions underfoot. Although, the spicy scent they give out adds to the country charm.



It’s fun to pick when the fruits are in bunches like this:



Bing cherries. Yes, they are sweet!



Look back, see the farmhouse? I want to live here!



Moving on to blueberries—these are a great favorite at my house…



I love the different hues…



The berries are ready when they are this blue…



We’ll definitely be back for the peaches…



and the apples…



I fancy myself a country girl, and this place is my bit of heaven on earth.



This made me think of my Dad and brother, and our farm back home…



My borrowed piece of sky…



I want to belong here.



Time to go back home. Wasn’t that worth the trip? I’ll take you with me again the next time we visit, but for now, wouldn’t you agree with me that God’s creation is awesome? Oops, that horse’s tail just went swish-swishing. That’s my cue–goodbye!