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That Other Half Remains




My Jacob Riis moment. I hate that it was blurry, the dust in this shop in Tegucigalpa was making me sneeze. Plus I tried to be quick about it. Still, it’s proof Riis’ the other half still exists. It’s actually more than just a half. And yet, we who can make a change have so many more ways to do so. And yet, we’ve got so many more excuses not to do so.

This song has been on repeat this morning:


“You grow where the light is,
Like trees in the highlands.
We’re bent by our own plans,
To keep us in the dark.

And I act like an orphan,
Forget that You found me.
But you came like a whisper,
And saved me with a spark.

When the light is gone,
And life is just a dare we take,
Still the fight goes on and on,
To give my heart away.

And it’s out of my hands,
It was from the start.
In light of what You’ve done for me.
In light of what You’ve done for me.”

-Out of My Hands, Jars of Clay