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Better Than A Kit Kat


There is a certain kind of weariness that no amount of sleep can cure. Perhaps you’re familiar with it.

This weariness, when it hits, saps me of the willingness to get up the next day and try again. It makes me ask self-absorbed and short-sighted questions, simply because I can’t go beyond what lies before me and how I feel about it.

Thankfully, each time it hits, this weariness almost always makes me head for the mountaintop. Literally. I’ve come to know that in nature, His creation, an answer is found for what ails me. And it never fails.

On the way up, it can be foggy. So you’ll feel like the weight on your shoulders will be just as heavy up there as it is down here. But you have to keep going. Don’t let the fog discourage you. The skies will clear up, somewhere closer to the top.

A special time of refreshing is promised you. Don’t turn back. Soon you’ll come to a bend in the road, and you’ll be greeted by a sight much like this:

Your barren soul, like winter’s leftovers, will start to breathe easier. And the weight, though still there, seems just a tad more bearable.

He who is faithful has promised you shelter. You will find rest in the works of His hands.

And when you finally get to the top, you’ll realize with surprise that the view is just the beginning.

You’ll find fellow battered souls up there. The ravages of the harsh, bitter cold on their faces look familiar. You see them on yours each day. And you’ll find comfort in their presence….

You will look around some more. Your eyes will be opened and you will suddenly see the faithful standing proudly all around you. Their example will inspire you all.

“His rod will hold you up. You’ll be able to take the next step…” You hear their whispers in the air. And you find your second wind.

“Look further,” they urge you. “Look past the dried up bones. There is a hope waiting for you…”

And even then, perhaps all you can see is just a glimmer, the faintest hint of blue in the distance. And your time at the top has ran out. But carry that impression of hope with you. Don’t expect life to suddenly become easier. After all, not much of your situation has changed.

But be changed. Let the view from the top change you.