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I find it easiest to believe, at sunset,

when the earth is bathed with the softest glow

of gold, and yellow, or silver, and gold,

and there is nothing but the quiet of day’s end,

and my heart stills in tune with it.

I find it easier to pray then

when the velvet darkness covers every ugly lie I’ve told,

and every pain that made me shed a tear,

and people’s faces look softer somehow,

my enemies begin to look like my friends

and the rays of gold beckon me toward hope.

The overwhelming sea of doubt,

with endless waves of fear crashing upon my shore

become muted, rendered powerless,

a mere shadow with no power to chill my bones

and a spark is lit and flickers to consuming life

I find it quite easy to trust then.

The sunset must be when God turns His face toward me

and sees the ant that I am,

greater worries the rest of the world lays upon His feet

but He takes time to add color to the act,

and I am once again reminded I am loved.