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Josiah’s Poetry




My twelve-year-old likes to write. Here’s a poem he wrote today. Like any proud mom, I hope you enjoy it too…


One man came across the shores

where land and sea meet

and how passionate was his sight,

Cliffs hung over to shadows,

the waves, ever so boastful, posed their might

Sand and shells filled the shore,

like a grassy meadow,

but over the distance a dark cloud

hiding the sun in its shroud



The rain came, pounding like heavy sheets,

washing away the cliffs,

the sand and shells,

and waves washed away the place,

where land and sea meet



Later that day, the man stood in the damp wasteland

Holding a shell in his hand,

standing in the sun’s heat,

which was once a part,

of the place where land and sea met.



I asked him what it meant. He said, “Just that nothing lasts forever, Mommy.”