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January, Baby.



I don’t do New Year resolutions anymore. I was born on the best month possible so I simply wait a few days and then do birthday resolutions. And I normally get to keep them. At least until it’s time to make new ones.


I was sitting in church during last Sunday’s sermon and a few life edits clarified themselves in my head. So since people can’t really tell if I’m text messaging or reading the Scripture text or something else, I typed them down lest I forget…


I resolve to be braver about who I want to be. Not who I am right now but who I want to be.

I will start by making this thought public.


I resolve to not let my strengths define me. I am mostly my weaknesses, and that’s okay too.

I will start by admitting I can’t stand being proven wrong and I sulk whenever that happens.


I resolve to re-clear my bleachers and keep them almost empty.

I will start by killing every “What-would-so-and-so-think-if…” thought-bubble as soon as they start to form in my brain.


I resolve to stay away from people who make me think I am better than I really am and to build relationships with people who make me feel like I can be better.

I will start by cleaning out my social media friends list.


I resolve to love better.

I will start by smiling and not just mumbling “Good morning” to every person I meet during my walk to and from my son’s school.


I resolve to leak Jesus more. Not my interpretations of who He is, but just Him. Which I guess means less talk and more acting on His behalf.

I will start by reading my Bible more. So I can imitate Him more. And have my words seasoned with salt.


I resolve to bug God more. Talk to Him more. Cry to Him more. Laugh with Him more. Argue my losing points with Him more. And sit quietly with Him more.

I will start by bringing up certain situations some of my friends are in and asking Him to do something, please.



My plate’s about to overflow.

Mid-winter isn’t the best time for inspiration, but Spring’s not too far off.

I’ll ramble and mumble till then.

And at the first sign of a blossoming bud, though I’ll make no better sense,

I’ll get caught up in the thaw,

and by the time Summer rolls in my feet will be firmly planted on the ground.