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Midnight Rant


What’s a gal like me to do when my husband gets called in to work the night shift–after he was told he was being moved to the day shift? And consequently, after we make plans for the next day? It’s supposed to be date day, but it’s probably canceled as the hubby will most likely snore the day away.

{Our youngest son celebrated the news that his dad had to leave for work by climbing onto our bed, getting under the covers and gleefully announcing, “I   get to sleep with Mommy! Yes!” His evil chuckle was infectious, it was payback for all the times the hubby kicked him out of our bed and sent him off to his own room. “It’s not fair!” is his familiar chorus at bedtime, “I want to sleep with Mommy. Why don’t you go sleep with your mommy?“}

Oh well, since he’s not here, I might as well keep talking about him. Him–the man I married.

A few days earlier, that man said to me, “I don’t mind having to work hard so you can keep doing what you’re doing.” When I first heard it, I was touched. But then days pass. His words started to haunt me–particularly when faced with a blank page on my screen. In my defense, I work great under the pressure of a deadline. Setting deadlines for myself, well, let’s just say it’s not quite the same.

So that’s what I’m doing now–lollygagging instead of working. That next line is too elusive, I’d rather visit with my imaginary friends from the blogosphere. Who knows, I might find an idea I can “borrow” from someone.

But just so I don’t waste your time, let me share three things I’ve been thinking about lately. They’re half-baked thoughts, so please don’t take them too seriously. Deep breath. Here goes…

  • I was chewing on this some days ago. It’s kind of sad, but I think it’s true: many people find it hard to simply believe in happy endings. Or happy stories. So they nitpick, trying to find what they imagine is the truth behind a certain situation. It doesn’t matter how hard one tries to convince them things are just simply what they seem. They can’t fathom what that means, so they look for dirt. It’s their language, it’s the only thing they understand. As much as I hate it when this happens to me, I feel worse for those who no longer believe happiness happens.
  • Nature heals. Try it. I think it’s one reason God made His creation so beautiful. I was out in the woods over the weekend, and while I don’t really believe in dryads and ents and elves, my imagination does. And the {imagined} conversations we have are always delightful. Too bad no one else can hear it but us.
  • Life is simple, and here it is in a nutshell: Love God, enjoy His creation, touch people. Love God–I can’t ever take Him out of the equation. If I did, my whole universe would crumble, and the bleakness would be hell. Literally. And nature? Why, it’s His masterpiece. To be in awe of His work is to acknowledge that nobody can come close to His artistry. And yes, people are people, and they’re just as imperfect as I am–they need as much love as I do.

Yawn. It’s getting late. I should maybe turn in for the night. Who knows, date day might still happen, after all.