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Thoughts From A Hike, a Generic Brand, and a Few Unpleasant People




Hubby and I stopped by Target yesterday for some household supplies. I        needed some moisturizer too, as the days are getting colder and my skin is getting drier. It took stubborn me some time to learn the wonders a good moisturizer can do and I wasn’t about to miss out on any of those. So we made the requisite aisle rounds and picked up what we needed.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I opened the box my moisturizer came in and found out I didn’t get what I wanted. And paid for. Some prankster had switched the bottles. Instead of the brand I preferred, I was left with a generic one. Which is fine. I use generic brands. But I paid so much more for what I thought was a bottle of my preferred brand, and that’s what I wanted. It worked for my skin, and I needed it.

So a trip back to Target is in order for today. But I was just thinking, this had to happen for a reason. And as you’ll find out, once I figured out what it was, I really did feel better. About the switch and certain events that happened lately…



We went hiking at Cunningham Falls State Park last weekend. Or rather, the hubby dropped us off at the handicapped walkway and we followed that to the Falls. The only problem was, the walkway ended a bit to the side of the Falls, and my son J wanted to climb up the rest of the way. So we ventured off the walkway and attempted to cross the creek.

It was hard to keep track of where we wanted to go–the other walkway that led to the Falls itself {you know, the one the real hikers take}. The trees were tall and disorienting, autumn colors kept distracting me, the stones were slippery and I had to keep an eye out for spiders. We backtracked a few times, J’s feet got wet, and we ended up walking a good bit until we finally got to where we wanted.

All the while my mother in law, whom we were meeting up with, was waiting for us on the other side. And from where she stood, she could see the right path clearly. It was almost a straight line from where we started. And short! It certainly would have been so much simpler if we could see it from where we were. Just like life would be so much simpler if I could focus on the big picture and ignore the little, insignificant details that buzz around my head like angry bees.



I’ve been smarting at {what I know and not just feel} are ill treatments from some people. I’ve been whining to my hubby about how some people may seem like they are all that, but they really are not. And if I were given to gossip, I could say so much. But I wouldn’t, since that would make me just like them.  I pronounced I was tired of Christians whose walk and talk are miles apart and this time I will definitely make sure I stay away from them. For good.

{It sounds so much better when you’re just reading these words. The self-righteousness doesn’t come off as much as when I’m actually saying it.}

But the problem with such lines is that they come back and haunt you in the wee hours of the morning. And mostly, if you dig hard enough, you’ll find you too are guilty of what you said. So early this morning, my guilty conscience woke me up. I did some reluctant thinking. And I finally got the point of that generic bottle posing as an expensive brand. And that short though extended hike in the woods.

I am the bottle. And I am lost because I won’t see past my own trivia.

Like I said earlier, it’s really hard to see the big picture when you get stuck on the details. Just like it’s hard to look into the future and see a better you without being distracted by others around you. But the worst thing that can happen–and this is beyond the hurt or offense other people’s words and actions can cause you–is that you get stuck in the rut of their careless actions. And your entitled feelings make the rut deeper. And you still your own growth.

The truth is, moving past offenses isn’t for the benefit of your offenders. It’s for your own sake.

Honestly, I’m still a bit upset about those people who hurt me. But I really can’t do anything about them. What I can do is work on myself, so people won’t feel toward me what I feel toward those people. Let me tell you, it’s definitely the harder path to take, but it’s straight and it’ll lead me to where I need to go.

Oh, and Target has a great policy on returns. Life doesn’t.