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Details In God’s Tapestry.


Coincidences are God’s way of getting our attention.

-Frederick Buechner

Ever look back on your life at times and wonder if, perhaps, there really is Someone far greater than you who is working things together and you’re just a bit character in a story far grander than your everyday life?

I did that today.


Several weeks ago I was in Honduras. I was with a medical team, and we were there with bags of medicines and baby kits to help missionary friends serve people in a few communities. The medicines were prescribed and given away. So were the baby kits. And we came back broken and happy and tired and recharged.

We brought our stories back to our church. And our church listened and cried with us. And God brought us even more together as a family and led us to give to support a vision we continually grow to own: to love people and to love them well. You know, the way Jesus would have us. The way He did. And still does.


Part of that vision was set in Honduras.

And part of that vision set in Honduras was to help build a campus to teach and to equip the local Christians.

And to house volunteers.

And to provide community development training to help Hondurans provide for their own.

Among many other goals.

Part of that vision came true today.


Remember those baby kits our church prepared and we gave away? A lady worker from the local hospital who was there when we gave out the baby kits grew curious about the work in Honduras. Coincidence? Maybe.

This lady got to know our missionary-friends a bit more, and she heard about what they wanted to do. And she happened to know a man who owned a piece of property that could work. Coincidence? Could be.

They visited the site. On it was a huge rock overlooking the property.  Our missionary-friends dubbed it the prayer rock. Prayer because, you know, money was needed to buy the land. A lot of money. And how were they to know it was being readied even before they made a decision about the land.

Coincidence? Not quite.


So back in December our church in Ellicott City collected a World Mission Offering. And our church leaders accorded the total amount to our vision, dividing it among the ministries our church is involved in.

And without knowing the exact need back in Honduras, our leaders sent a check.

And things matched up.

To the very last cent.

And suddenly,  all became obvious and we realized God was behind every detail after all.

And we saw it really wasn’t about Covenant or our dreams or our missionary-friends or even the people of Honduras.

It was about God and His purposes and His grace.


Sometimes I get caught up in thinking church is about me.

Or my life is about me.

Sometimes I’m even worried I’m not being entertained at church.

Because you know, I’d like to be able to post pictures on Instagram to show how much fun we’re having, so people will see and say, “Oh cool, that looks like something I’d enjoy. Maybe I’ll join them!

Sometimes I forget that’s not what Jesus died for.


Today our pastor quoted two Jars of Clay songs from The Shelter album, an album that was on repeat at a time when my husband and I were making some difficult decisions. Including moving to Covenant.

They were also the two songs in particular I listened to for courage before going to Honduras and for comfort after coming back.

Was it another coincidence that my pastor talked about it today and included them in the church bulletin?

I don’t know.

Given all that happened, I tend to believe God had a hand in this too.



Today I found a lot of comfort in knowing it’s not about me after all.

Because it follows that it’s not up to me at all.

It’s my life, but hey, it’s just a book in a library full of books.

I aim to make it an interesting one.

But it still is only a bit part in a greater redemptive story the Great Author has in mind.