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From Incheon, For Posterity


I wanted to blog from Korea. It just thought it’d be cool to post something I wrote while in another country. You know, a country other than the US or the Philippines.

So, I’m on my way back home. It’s been a pretty eventful three weeks, and I am very grateful.

The book launch, both of them, went well {I think.}. I really appreciate every person who showed up and bought a copy. Or two. It feels pretty good to know that people believe enough to pay for something I wrote. I guess there is a certain kind of validation found in being able to sell a book, and having people appreciate what they read.

{Right now, people are sleeping all around me. I also kind of ended up watching out for an older lady who’s traveling on her own for the first time. She’s napping while I type and keep an eye on her stuff.}

There’s two thoughts that are running through my half-dead brain right now. Just quickly, I’d like to share them with you…

First of, God is really good. He really does accomplish His purposes in our lives–even when we struggle and bite his Hand as He tries to steer us in the right direction. I feel very special thanks to His grace, and it’s doubly more precious to me because I know I don’t have to earn His love. I want to do right and please Him, but I need never worry about losing His love.

Secondly, I am blessed. Although this is more an evidence of God’s love than anything {and thus related to my first thought} I just wanted to put it out there. I have a hubby and kids who love me, and my extended family is pretty cool too. On top of that, I have friends who really do care.

My time in the Philippines reminded me once again of how true friendships are blessings worth keeping. The whole time, I never had to do things on my own. People showed up to help, to hang out, to be there. Faces from my childhood, my elementary years, my unforgettable high school career, college and all the secrets that come with it, and on to seminary and after. Perhaps it is true after all–real treasure can be found in the lives that surround us {and not my empty bank account that stresses me out}.

By tomorrow, I’ll be back to my routine. These thoughts will fade away as other more urgent matters take over. Perhaps I post this, not just for posterity, but also to keep myself accountable. And to remind myself that God, no matter what my situation may say, is truly good.