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Answer the Facebook Question


“What’s on your mind?”

Do you Facebook? Then you’ve probably answered this question before.

A dangerous question, but only if I answer it honestly.


Well, whatever I choose to post, the following scenarios can happen:

1. Resentment: Some people could get offended. Each time I venture to speak my mind, I touch a nerve here and there. I’ve had to remove some people from my friend list, not because I didn’t like them but because they get offended easily. I really don’t enjoy that much censorship.

2. Drama: I might reveal too much. As careful as I can be, I know I end up doing this every now and then.

3. Accountability: I will unwittingly start conversations I may not be able to finish, causing signals to get all mixed up. It’s that age-old responsibility writers have, and I try to keep this in mind each time. However, I always hope to get people to think when I write, but there’s a thin line between discernment and assumption.

4. Misunderstanding: People take me too seriously. I’ve learned through experience that ironic or satirical statements don’t translate well over the internet. Especially on Facebook. And while this can lead to moments of hilarity, at times it can get pretty awkward.

5. Error: I could be very wrong about something, and have this recorded for posterity.

6. Coincidence: I could be thinking of something totally unrelated, and yet people will make conclusions based on what they are going through at the moment. Though totally biased, I end up having to explain myself. Or risk going back to Number 1.

Still, I find that I enjoy answering that question. For all the pitfalls that could happen, the conversations that do get started, the questions that surface, the issues that get resolved, the laughter that’s shared, or even the disagreements that are put aside in favor of community, make it worth the risk.

So, what is on your mind?