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Glory and Majesty, For A Cause {Project 1, For My US-Based Friends}




Once, when I was very young and impressionable, I declared that I would one day write a book. That book would become a bestseller. And I would donate every cent to ministry outreaches I cared for.

Many years have passed since then. I’ve gotten to be more practical. For instance, declaring I’d write a bestseller and having it actually come true are two very different things. They can be so far apart that they don’t even seem related.

But–I did write a book. And I think I will make some money out of it. So, what’s to stop me from trying to fulfill at least part of that age-old declaration?

A couple of blog posts earlier, I shared about visiting a dump site in Dagupan with my Pasa-Love friends. In that post, I also mentioned how these friends in the ministry {who are faithful to God’s practical call to serve the poor} are actively involved in helping the families living at the dump site make it from day to day. It was an eye-opener, that visit. The stench may have faded, but the pictures of desperate poverty remain.

Apart from visiting, teaching and giving, these friends are also teaching indigent children {some from the dump site community} to read and write, preparing them for a better future. This effort is called Project Bless, and it gives hope to the hungry parents waiting outside the classroom, pining their hopes on their children’s ability to learn, go to school and someday help provide for the family.

In everything we attempt to do, whether it be a big gesture or a simple, day-to-day activity, we need money. It’s a bald fact, nothing happens unless my friends have money to buy food, medicine, school supplies and even provide for the fare of the children so they can go to the Project Bless site. And learn.

I’d like to continue to share my friends’ passion. I’d like to keep doing what I can do from my side of the world. No matter how little it may be, it’ll still make a difference. Everything that’s laid in the Father’s hand does.

So, here’s a small project I’d like to do…

Some weeks ago, while in the Philippines, I had asked my Facebook friends in the US to let me know if they wanted a copy of my book. I was able to bring some back, and I’m hoping another friend will be able to bring more. So, would those of you who wanted a copy {or copies} consider giving more for my friends’ ministry outreaches? Of course, this is strictly voluntary as I didn’t think of this when I asked earlier.

I was thinking it’ll work this way: after the actual cost of the book {plus shipping, if you live far away}, would you consider adding a bit more to give to these outreaches? The book costs about $4.00 back home but since I have to pay to have it sent to me, it goes to about $5.00. So, this amount, plus shipping, is basically what I am asking you to pay. What I am hoping you will give, anything on top of the set amount, will go to Pasa-Love {and God’s Little Lambs, a similar ministry outreach based in Baguio}.

Like I said earlier, I know it’s not much, but added up, I believe it can make a difference in a child’s life.

Thanks so much! Please let me know if this is okay with you.

– Abet

***Friends in the Philippines, Glory and Majesty: God’s Signature on the Philippine Islands is available at all PCBS branches and Christian book stores nationwide. I’m working on seeing how part of the proceeds can be used for ministry outreaches as well.