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January One, And Roots That Thrive


On January 1st, to no one in particular, I announced my New Year’s resolution was to keep the house neat and tidy. A few hours after that, my husband came up to me and said, “I hope you don’t get depressed when you can’t keep your resolution.”

“Why?” I had forgotten what it was by that time, but I was still defensive. Yeah, yeah. 

“Because you have two boys and a dog, and I don’t think keeping the house neat is possible.” 

“Three boys. I have three boys and a dog.” 

He didn’t argue the fact.


I’ve actually given up on making resolutions at the dawn of every New Year. I never keep them, and the only thing they do for me is make me feel good when I brag about them. Immediate gratification, but I never persevere long enough to actually see results. So as 2014 drew to a close, I spent the day cooking and baking, but not really reflecting.

I woke up in the New Year, however, to a song my friend Raymond wrote. Deeply Rooted was the title, and suddenly 2015’s theme was handed to me on a silver platter: to be deeply rooted in the things that are important to me, the things that will matter beyond the grave.  I don’t have a lot, but what I do have, I hope to remain true to.


To be deeply rooted in my God, not in quick prayers and scheduled Bible readings but in time spent talking, wrestling and trusting.

To be deeply rooted in my relationship with my husband, not just during morning coffee and lunch dates, but in honesty and service.

To be deeply rooted in my relationship with my children, not just in guiding them as they make decisions or making sure they do their homework, but in molding them to be men who will change the future through love and justice.

To be deeply rooted in my faith, not just in traditions or practices, but in relationships and selfless acts for good.

To be deeply rooted in my chosen communities—family and friends, cultivating friendships that push me past my borders. To stay away from a widening circle of acquaintances, but to seek deeper conversation and more laughter with those I want to be like.


Maybe it’s more about the roots.

Maybe changing can be such a struggle because I focus on the wrong thing(s).

I can’t bear better fruit if my roots aren’t flourishing.

Droopy foliage can’t catch enough of the sun’s rays.

I need to shift my focus from the fruit I bear to the roots I grow.

Better fruit is the product of deep, thriving roots.

Water them, and the rest should follow.