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Twilight—It Isn’t Your Best Life Yet.




I’ve been very vocal against the Twilight series. It’s only because I am opinionated, and I don’t believe only the fans should have their say. Besides, I’m an informed critic: I read the books the way I read all other books–with the hope that this would be another series I could love. Maybe not as much as Narnia or Lord of the Rings, but still, I’m always on the search for good books. And each discovery is worth celebrating.


But sigh. Twilight just doesn’t cut it for me. Although I liked the character of Jacob {he was the only one with any depth at all}, I couldn’t stand Bella. And I found Edward quite laughable. He has an unlimited bank account, supposedly good looks, and is crazy about a local girl whose main claim to fame is that she’s got the art of whining down to a pat. But he sparkles. Really?


See, my main gripe is this: the characters are so shallow and self-centered. There is nothing beyond Edward and Bella’s love story, and that, I find, is such a small world. And yes, while there are some really feel good moments, they fade away quickly. What would have saved the story is if they had a major battle in the end, the “heroes” paying the price for a better world. But here Meyer opted out, choosing instead a happy ending that sunk the whole ship.


I’m not really looking for some grandiose statement about saving the world. I’m just looking for something that will push me outside of myself, and make me want something more. I want to be a part of something bigger, something better than myself. I live with enough selfishness, I want to go beyond me. And that, I think, is why I speak up against Twilight.


I guess I should be grateful I grew up in the eighties and the nineties. Now, I could be looking back into the past with fondness, the rose-tinted glasses hardly showing the whole picture. But I bet it’s safe to say that the books and movies I grew up with all pointed towards adventure, and finding something to live your life for.


Like Stand By Me. Or Newsies. Take Young Guns. And The Goonies. Try Indiana Jones or The Last of the Mohicans. Anne of Green Gables or The Sound of Music. Huck Finn or The Outsiders. Take your pic. They run with the same theme, even though the stories vary. Adventure, and the thirst for something greater. As a fan, that thirst became my thirst.


Now I know that the big thing with this generation is self discovery. That’s why self-help books fly off the shelves. But I think that self discovery happens when you’re actually out there, living an adventure and not while you’re sitting comfortable in your couch reading Your Best Life Now.


It’s out there where you get to test your mettle, where you find out if you’ve got what it takes. And if you don’t, then you somehow find a way to make it, paying the price with pain. I often sit by my window and wonder where I should be, and what adventure I’m missing out because I let my self get in the way.