Train Wreck. Help, I Can’t Look Away!


[Spoiler alert: Must be Monday. Took a sip of lemonade and realized I forgot to add sugar. ]

I’m on social media all the time. I’ve given up trying to pretend I’m too cool for the online world and have jumped in hook, line and sinker. True,  I’m working on creating a smaller community of people I actually interact with, and it’ll probably take some time, but yea, I’m posting that status and I don’t really care if that makes me sound weird or not.

Today I posted a pic of my breakfast on Instagram. I don’t really care how many “likes” it gets, I totally enjoyed my leftover slices of pizza and banana peppers. And I want the world to know.

So now I’ve admitted I enjoy social media, let me tell you what I don’t enjoy. Train wrecks, that’s what. Unfortunately, social media is so full of them. Sadder still, I can’t look away.

I can’t seem to be the better person. My thinking is, if you’re going to post something, then you’re giving people the right to react. If you’re going to post something public, then you must know people will have something to say.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean I bully people. Even my sarcastic self isn’t that far gone.

I’m really talking about those people who post defensive and yet attention-seeking updates. And then complain when people respond in ways they don’t like. By being passive-aggressive.

Or those who humble-brag all the time. If you’re going to brag, just put it out there. Nothing worse than a person who shouts out an accomplishment, then pretends to deflect all compliments to just plain old good luck.

No, I take that back. There is something worst—those people who talk about every little good thing they do “For God’s glory” and reap all the glory themselves in the succeeding comments, by saying they’re just trying to be faithful. Been there, hated myself. Cringe.

And you know those people who criticize Facebook moms? Well, why are they even friends with those moms then? Moms will brag, get used to it. Hide, unfollow, or maybe dig deeper inside you.

Hashtag overkill! Limitless ABCs after the hash or pound symbol.


Enough said.

Fights that play out on your newsfeed. Everyone knows when someone’s post is really just a gut reaction to another person’s update. It’s entertaining for us, it’s probably taking a toll on you. Here’s an idea—make it private or just unfriend each other. Our news feeds will be less dramatic, but we’ll all be the better for it.

Finally, TMI posts. Well, not funny TMIs, but TMI laced with PDA that automatically activate gag reflexes. Sweet is good. Sticky? Not so much.

And, cruising in just before I end this: I don’t play games on Facebook. I’m sorry you don’t have enough lives to crush that candy, but no, I don’t consider helping you out an act of goodwill.

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