Front Row Seats



I’m 90% convinced that when we wake up in the morning and resolve to do something remarkable, we will encounter two things: a barrage of noise and a quiet but unshakeable affirmation.

{The 10% is to give nod to all the times I’ve gotten out of bed and stubbed my toe on the corner post.}


We’re counting down to the last few days before Pasko Sa Hulyo, an outreach mission a group of friends and I have been planning for over a year now. I’m so bummed my school schedule won’t let me go, but I am just as invested in this in all aspects as my friends are.

Well, except physically, of course.


There can be so much fear in realizing you can plan an event for months and yet, when it comes down to it, you’re really at the mercy of God.

What will the weather be like?

Will people come?

Will the team be okay?

Will traveling to and fro be safe?

Will the toilets at the hotel work?

Will the supplies be enough?

Are we doing the right thing?

Will God show up?


And then something happens and you are reminded all you need to do is to keep going. You know, even when your toe hurts.

One of our friends was approached by a gentleman curious about why that friend was going to be off work for so long. Our friend told him about Pasko sa Hulyo. The gentleman was interested. They had lunch together. The gentleman promised financial support for our next project.


Do the math. If we’re getting a nod for the next time, surely this time would work out? Surely God is with us?

And yes, He is.


He said whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Him.

Like feeding those who are hungry,

clothing the naked,

caring for the sick,

and visiting the prisoner(s)…

We’re doing all that, and a bit more.


My husband and I left our kids for about ten days last November to go to Honduras on a medical mission trip. The only time it became clear to me why I was doing what I was doing was when I got there and saw the lines of people hoping to see a doctor and take home some medicine to help them with their pains. I would never have understood grace the way I did then if I hadn’t gone.

My faith makes the most sense when I do what my God asks me to do. It’s almost always something remarkable, because it goes against the grain.

Pasko Sa Hulyo meant spending a lot of money when there wasn’t any to begin with. But with every supply that needed to be bought, and every box that needed to be shipped, money came in, from others and from our group. It doesn’t make sense to some, but it makes sense to us, because we have front row seats to God’s show. And what a show!


Part of me wants to invite everyone to grab a seat.

Part of me wants to warn you all it’s going to be quite the ride.

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