On Trying By Doing


“God has shared agency with you. He has shared power. Those who change the world understand this is true.”

-Donald Miller


I’m trying to understand this. It’s not easy. But I’m trying…

A few friends and I are facing a challenge of epic proportions. As in, 2000-boxes-of-crayons proportions. It started as an insignificant post on Facebook, that oh-so-vital-for-immigrants social networking site. The comments that followed one after another gave birth to an idea of a reunion, in the Philippines no less. Then, because we all met in seminary, we decided to give  it a “spiritual” approach. Maybe we can do a mission trip as well?

Of course, because God is sovereign, He did turn our conversation into something worth having and allowed it to grow into something more than just talk. We ended up with a scheduled reunion, only it became way more than that.


So Pasko Sa Hulyo 2013 (Christmas In July 2013) became official on our calendars. And now we’re working to make it happen. Starting with the aforementioned crayons.

Our two-week trip will take place in a city and a province. The first week will be in the city. We will be visiting schools in impoverished areas, and we will be providing a gift bag of basic school supplies for at least 2000 children.

2000 children. 2000 crayons. 2000 scissors. 2000 pencils and erasers. 2000 sharpeners. And enough craft materials for each one. It’s enough to give me the shakes in the middle of the night.


My friend J and I have been running after Target and Walmart’s .50c 24-pack Crayola boxes. They’re on sale, and they’re going fast. The other day J scored some. That same day the hubby and I went to a Target and a Walmart. It stormed. The hubby dropped his phone in a puddle. And all we found were empty bins. But yesterday the Crayola-god smiled down on me. I found some. Our pile is growing. Not by leaps and bounds, but any kind of growth matters a lot to us at this point.

It did sink into our thick skulls that we needed help. It took me most of the morning to write letters asking for support. J sent them out. Now she’s waiting to see who will respond. And who will avoid her. I’m about to send some out as well. If you ignore me, I’m calling you out right now.


I don’t think God is going to come to me with this great big plan and drop it on my lap just like that. Well, maybe He will for some. But mostly I think God has told us what it is He wants us to do in His Word. And He leaves it up to us to find ways to do them. Somewhere in the Bible it says God requires us to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him. It doesn’t say exactly how. But I think we know enough to fill in the blanks.

Pasko Sa Hulyo is an effort to fill in the blanks. Maybe once it happens it’ll change someone’s world. It’ll be enough if it changes mine.

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