The older I get, the clearer it becomes-
Life is so much easier when we choose to put more weight on the words from people who know us best than on the words coming from the rest.

Yes, it is a conscious, and sometimes constant, choice to ignore what is harmful and listen to what is helpful.

The struggle is in this: we like to hear approval from the majority.

The truth is this: we only end up with bruises.

It is such evidence of God’s goodness that I have people in my life who constantly rebuke me.

And yet love on me.

It is such evidence of my foolishness that I don’t always listen to them.

I instead listen to the louder voices.

It is such evidence of grace that life keeps moving forward.

It gives me occasion to go a different way.

In the morning,
as soon as you wake up,
remind yourself of who you are.
And then, of who matters most to you.
when the daily noise starts,
keep going back to your waking thoughts.
And don’t let them get drowned out.

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