Just Before Dusk





Centennial Park is one of my favorite parks in Howard County, particularly since it’s so close to our house. Today the hubby suggested we walk off the big lunch we had earlier and to get me to agree, he suggested I bring my camera.





We got there an hour before twilight. I got to capture a bit of lighting, and the fading nuances of the setting sun.









The sunset is one of my most favorite things. Back in college, I’d frequent the university library, not to do my homework but to sit in a corner at the back of the building and wait for the sun to say goodnight. The glorious show—bright orange warring with purple and gradually turning golden as the darkness won the battle—never failed to stir my emotions. Now, so many years later, I still chase the setting sun. And I still get all choked up when I manage to catch one.














Ever feel like your world’s upside down? Truth is, it could all be just a matter of perspective…





But then, there are times when even a change of view does nothing to help. In fact, a few of my friends are going through tough times right now, and I know how real their heartaches are. I also know they read my blog. So here’s a bit of encouragement for them. They were in my heart as I took the pictures.

The captions are from the song Holy Spirit Have Your Way by Leeland.

Long after the tears fall, I’m still your child
I put down my defenses and lay down my pride
Love and forgiveness, flow in deep and wide
So I run to you and surrender all

As I lay down my life
And pick up my cross
What a joy it is to give my life away to you
All that I need,
All that I seek
Is You here with me
Holy Spirit have Your way in me

In times of trouble, though trials may come
The rock of ages is standing strong
I’m fighting battles, but the war is won
So I’ll run to you and surrender all

More of You and less of me, God
More of You and less of me, God
More of You and less of me, God
More of You, overflowing


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