Sons and Puppy-Dog Tales


My sons have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. But I’ve always held off, owing to past experiences and the challenges I knew came with owning a  pet. Besides, having grown up in the Philippines, I saw dogs as pets that stayed outside the house, not inside, and certainly not sleeping in any of the bedrooms.

But most of all, I’m a reluctant housekeeper. I clean because I have to, and one or two days a month, I get really OCD and clean to my heart’s content. But the other days of the month are simply for maintaining, or struggling to maintain, what used to be clean a few weeks ago. So to add a dog was, for me, just another reason I’d have to clean more often.

Another thing was, the breed of dog they wanted because “They’re hypo-allergenic, Mommy, so you don’t have to worry about your allergies…” are really expensive. Italian Greyhounds (IG), although skin and bones, cost a lot of money. I kept fretting over the price.

But children have ways of getting to their parents. And it doesn’t help that their father wanted one as well. So the hubby, as hubbies are wont to do, looked for ways to get rid of my objections. One by flimsy one. He did his research and presented his arguments well.

According to his research, Italian Greyhounds are, as I said earlier, hypo-allergenic. So I wouldn’t get sick like I did with other pets. Also, IGs don’t mind sleeping in crates, so my bed and the boys’ beds are safe. {Unless I change my mind, and I don’t think I will.}  Then he promised to take care of the dog, and the boys chorused in their own promises. And later, to prove that I have no control over this life, he found a family looking to have someone adopt their IG. The hubby called, we’re third in line. But they’ll let us know, just in case. I thought it was a dead end, someone didn’t stop praying.

So the call finally came, and the hubby left to see the dog. And brought it back home with him. So the dog greeted the boys when they came home from school, the hubby flushing with triumph at the joy on his sons’ faces.

The dog was named Polo by his first family. But one son wanted to name him Bon Jovi (after his uncle’s old dog) and the other one wanted to name him Apollo. So we named him Apollo Bon Jovi, and call him Polo for short. Ahhh, how that all worked out.

The boys were in raptures of delight. That was, until the dog had an accident. And we found out he wasn’t fully potty trained. I was waiting in the sidelines, waiting to see how they would deal with cleaning up.

The oldest would go right to work. He that used to run from blood and thought all things green and slimy as gross had no problems cleaning up after his new pet. I am especially thankful that he warns me away each time Polo has an accident, knowing the smell would bother me. And, I suspect, worried I might change my mind about the dog. I was impressed but assumed it wouldn’t last long. But it has. And I don’t know if I should be glad and grateful or what.

During the weekdays, Josiah gets ready for school on his own. {He has set his watch to go off at ten-minute intervals: when it’s time to wake up, eat breakfast, brush his teeth and leave for the bus stop.} He’s got his outfit waiting for him in the bathroom, placed there the night before. He gets his own breakfast. And when he’s all ready, he calls me so we can walk to his bus stop together. Somehow, he fit letting Polo out to pee and playing with him for a short bit into his routine. And when he comes home, it’s Polo that gets his attention first. They play, they go out for a walk, and they do homework together. And yes, he’s never let up on cleaning up after Polo, no matter how tired he is. Unless his Daddy is home. Then the buck gets passed.

I am slowly realizing that Josiah is really growing up. My firstborn is maturing into a young man who is learning to handle his responsibilities the way he should. I guess this, more than all the benefits having a pet brings, is the reason I’m glad I “agreed” to adding a dog into our mess.

Polo and I, we’re still trying to work things out between us. So stay tuned, I might have more adventures to tell in the future.

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  1. I’m with you… after hanivg Noah, I appreciate and respect my mom so much more. We’ve also become more closer. I’m looking forward to that with my little girl. 🙂

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