This view, when I saw it,

made me think of the long and short of it.

Of what? Of life.

And of the things that matter the most.

Or rather,

of the things that make one’s life matter.

Like family and friends,

Or God and faith.

Like loving and belonging,

And flowing brooks and poems.

Like treating others the way you want to be treated.

and telling the truth, no matter what.

or admitting you’re wrong, not because you’re caught,

but because it’s the right thing to do.

It made me think of children,

the music of a baby’s laughter,

and of marks on the wall that tell the relentless passing of time.

It made me think of the worth of every life,

followed by the pain of death.

It made me think of a great artist,

who put everything together,

and of museum walls,

where critics roam and take notes.

The long and short of life,

there isn’t any way to quite describe it.

But I couldn’t help but think,

here in nature’s cathedral,

for the one who wants to see,

the Creator’s signature in full color,

and there is life, there is beauty,

enough to calm the hearts of all.

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