I see stories when I look around me.

I see trees and I hear their whispered conversation.

I see the wind on the leaves and I hear sad whispers of a secret only they know.

I see a cloud, a bird, a field of green and I hear a song of praise.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to capture what I see. I’ve tried with words, and at times i succeeded.

But sometimes, well, sometimes my words aren’t enough.

So now I’m learning how my camera. Not just to take pictures, but to tell my stories.

It’s hard trying to capture a moment that’s so fleeting, that’s so personal.

I keep trying, but most times the moments elude me. And I have to fall back on my words.

But I won’t give up trying. I won’t give up learning the secret to making the camera capture a story I see revealed to me.

My camera, one day, will be an extension of my thoughts. And once again, I will find a way to bare my soul to you all, in hopes that what you see will make you want to join the conversation.

Here’s my first attempt. I captured them in part, and I hope they speak to you. If not, keep coming back. One day, I might capture something that will tell you something your heart will respond to.



He meets me in the garden. His company is always a pleasure. But sometimes, His words cause me a lot of pain. So I come to the garden, hesitantly at times…


I can’t deny, each time I step in, a world of beauty opens up to me…


There is dew on the flowers,


and His sweet voice calls my name. To have Him know me by name, such wondrous thrill goes through my soul.


And He invites me, “Sit with me. Let’s catch up.”


as the smell of flowers fill the air.


And I lift my hands to heaven and pour out my soul.


But the unburdening can hurt so much. And doubt fills the emptied out spaces. It makes me choose to forget about our next tryst. I simply don’t show up.


And He waits for me in vain.


While I am deep in my own world, stumped by my cares.


and the tears blur my memory of what awaits me.


the gathering darkness overwhelms me…


I long to go home.


But His faithfulness is unending. I suddenly catch a glimpse of the garden.


It makes me look up to the sky,


I hear His invitation to walk with Him again. I gratefully apologize and accept.


Suddenly the road stretches out before me, and I find the strength to take the next step.

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