You’ve Got it All Wrong, Jerry Maguire.


You complete me–

A completely silly notion.

Even if Jerry Maguire said it.


How does another,

who is just as imperfect,

complete an incomplete you?

How do the jagged pieces of another,

fit into your own ragged edges?


You complete me?

More like,

you fit together

With spaces left in between.


And in the years to come,

those spaces will cause tension,

will cause heartbreak,

will cause despair.


But in the fitting,

there’s a glue that holds you together

more than the promises that you uttered,

and the life you said you’d build together.


It’s the God who knows you both,

and knows what will happen tomorrow.

So when He says, “keep trying,”

you know you can trust His word.


You can’t expect someone else to solve

all your imperfections,

all your frustrations,

all your questions.


They’ve got their own too.


And sometimes,

they have more than yours.


And you know it’s unfair,

when in your neediness,

You add to their burden,

when it should be more like

the two of you helping each other

carry on through the storm.


You complete me.

It has led many down the aisle

and into divorce courts as well,

when the expectations aren’t happening,

And there’s more fighting that completing.


You fit together.

And though your rough edges hurt you both,

The years soften most,

and you learn to live with what’s left behind.


You fit together.

For even in the regrets,

there is hope that the night will end,

and the good will win over the bad.

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