Honey Piggies


It’s my youngest sister’s 2_th birthday today. The happy occasion called for a trip to one of her favorite restaurants. Yup, Honey Pig.

I had my camera with me, but I was so hungry I forgot all about it. So I’m using old photos, but you get the picture.

This is what you get at Honey Pig:

For my family, it’s a lot of barbecue, kimchi and honey sauce. Lately, their steamed egg was added to the list.

As usually happens when you order while you’re starving, we ended up ordering too much.

A hot bowl of steamed egg was left, and my sister was hard put to finish it all. Elijah, who ranks eggs at the top of his favorites, kept glancing at the bowl.

He knew he had eaten more than his share and wasn’t allowed to have more. Still…

“Auntie Ibyang, you have to finish it. Don’t waste it!”

Five minutes later. He glances over. “Auntie Ibyang is a food wasterer! She’s not finishing it.”

A few minutes go by. “Auntie Ibyang, you still haven’t finished it!”

This goes on some time. Finally, “Auntie Ibyang, you have to finish it.”

His Auntie shakes her head, “I can’t finish it, Elijah. I’m too full.”

Elijah gets mildly upset, “Auntie Ibyang, it’s better to be fat than to waste food. It’s worse to waste food when you know there are so many hungry children in the world.”

Who can argue with his logic? We give in and let him finish it.

But apparently, the birthday girl wasn’t as full as she claimed.

We stopped for dessert: frozen yogurt with a lot of toppings.

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