In Moderation


Has it come to this? Hubby and I are only in our thirties, and yet this long winter has reduced us to this:

Check out that pill reminder. The “S” is for hubby, the “A” for me.

I used to pass by such containers on the shelves at Walmart and kept thinking I should get my parents their own. Little did I know, I would be the one needing one so soon.

Health is wealth, and so forth, I’ve heard. But it’s never really a concern until someone close to you gets sick, even dies. Then we start thinking about what we put in our mouths.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go all healthy on you and frown each time you suggest a stop at McDonald’s. There’s always that special time when only fastfood junk can hit the spot. And were I back home in the Philippines, you’d be hard-pressed to stop me from gorging myself with isaw and chicharon.

All I’m saying is, it always helps to stop and think. And maybe consider that moderation could be the key.

Tonight hubby and I skipped the usual angus burger(s) at McDonald’s and opted for salads.

We’re looking at each other as we eat, mouths crunching like rabbits. There’s that good feeling (and filling, if you can forgive the pun) knowing we tried. And maybe tomorrow we’ll eat something fatty. But today we get points for trying.

Eating healthy and exercising are bandwagons I always fall off from. But something a friend said years ago has started to sink in, “Do it for your kids. It’s not even so you live longer. It’s just so you can do physically-demanding stuff with them without having to give up and disappoint them.”

So yea, do it for the ones you love. If today is all you have, at least go on a walk with them without having to turn back too soon. They’ll have that memory to keep.

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