Waiting in the Lobby


***originally posted on June 2, 2009


This morning I couldn’t stop thinking about a dear Christian lady whose walk has been such an inspiration to me.

Many times, as a wife and mother, I would find myself challenged with making the right decisions. During those times, I would go back to her example—not so much through her words, but through her actions.

Today, as I bombard heaven with my questions, I think back to that day when my friend was holding a garage sale. They were moving, yet again, and she had to get rid of stuff the family had accumulated over their years in Baguio. I asked her how she did it. She told me, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget, that she would sell an item, go back into the house, cry over it, come back out and sell the next item.

I believe that I have grown much in the eight years that I’ve lived in Maryland. Sitting in my living room and looking at all the stuff my family has accumulated, I know that Steve and I would give it all up to go the distance. It would hurt, but we would.

As I grow in my walk, I slowly come to understand, and not just know, that life on earth is just a short stop. It’s like living in an apartment while waiting for your house to be ready—you see a lot of stuff you want, but you tell yourself, “Later, once we move into our house, later.” We can’t get comfortable here, this isn’t home.

We’re in a transition phase. Reading my friend’s emails, and talking to other new friends, make everything seem so urgent. Making one wrong decision after the other, it would seem that we have made it impossible to move on to the next step in our journey. But God isn’t done with us.

Out of our mistakes, He disciplines us. Out of our mistakes, He takes the obedience that results and gives us a fresh start. Out of our mistakes He shows us that He is truly our Father.

Yet again, we are faced with making decisions that seem to make sense only to us.

Yet again, we look forward to getting shaken out of our comfort zone.

Don’t be deceived, I love being comfortable. But the truth is, comfort is not equal to contentment.

God’s timetable is so different from mine. But when He says it’s time, I hope I am on guard and ready.

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