Too Good to Pass Up


***originally posted on May 4, 2009


Last night Steve and Josiah were talking. The topic moved from pokemon to church to school.

Josiah started talking about some facts that he picked up from school.

It started with: “Daddy, did you know that our body temperature is 90 degrees” (I forgot the exact amount he said lol)…

Things were serious and interesting until they started talking about “solid, liquid and gas”.

Steve, I’m guessing, was trying to wrap things up so he was like, “so liquid, solid and gas are the different states of what?”

Ejay jumped in and said, “different states of poo!”

As for our conversation around the breakfast table:

“Mommy, some of kuya’s friends don’t believe in God. They won’t be blessed, will they?”

“Mommy, I kisseded my hand and sent my kiss to Auntie KD so it won’t embarrass her if I kiss her.”

“Wouldn’t it be funny if Jesus fought the battle droids? They wouldn’t be able to see Him!”

“Mommy, if you lose your daddy, will you get a new one? Coz who will fix things around the house?

“Mommy, why do boys turn into daddies, and girls turn into mommies?”

“In Sunday School, I made you a surprise for Mother’s Day. It’s a secret, Mommy. I made you a bracelet….oh, well, you don’t know what it looks like. It’s really pretty and cool.” He glances at my hand. “But it might be too small…but you can still use it as a keychain.” (At this point I ate faster lest I end up choking)

and when he opened his eyes this morning, “Mommy, do you love your Pork-chop? More than Spare Rib?”

And Josiah yells from the hallway, “I am not Spare Rib!”

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