Special Ones


***originally posted February 25, 2010


How do my kids inspire me? Let me count the ways…

Me: “I’m tired. I’m gonna study later.”
Son: “Remember the rule Mommy, only A’s and B’s. And WE prefer A’s.”

Me: “I want more chocolate…”
Son: “Um Mommy, you’re not as small as you used to be, you know.”

Me: “Do I look old?”
Son: “You are old! What? Everyone grows old. You’re 30, then 31, then 32. It’s not 30, then 29, then 28.”

Me: “My field placement is at another school, not yours. I’ll be with first graders.”
Son: “That’s good, Mommy. They’ll kill you at our school.”

Me: “Did you miss me, baby?”
Son: “Yeah, but now that you’re home, Daddy’s gonna go back to work and it’s back to normal. That’s not as fun as when Daddy’s home.”

Me: “Great job, baby!”
Son: “You’re really proud of me, Mommy? Put it on facebook.”

Me: “Sigh. I have to drive to church on Sunday.”
Son: “Oh man. I get nervous when you drive, Mommy.”


“Was that near the time you were born, Mommy? Did they invent milk then?”

of course, they always remind me:

“I love you, Mommy. I love you third best. First is God, then Jesus, then you. When it’s not Daddy’s turn. When it is, I love you fourth best. Coz it’s not fair to Daddy. You can wait for your turn then.”

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