One Rainy Day


***originally posted on March 26, 2009


Not made for the mountain top,
and yet,
a certain loneliness,
a starvation, if you will,
is found in being in the valley.

Go! Subscribe to feelings of entitlement,
undeniable though it is,
that fleeing is for nothing.

The wise will find,
No joy is to be owned
to being where you want to be,
and yet be tempting His will

Quite the conundrum, is it not?

That one should find where he’s wanted,
and find not one kindred spirit there?

And if there be but one,
that he should be imposed upon
to bear the burden
and thus breed resentment

If one should speak and leave others blank
he ends up speaking what everyone will understand
Just to get by, to ease the loneliness
and yet in the end hate himself for it

The struggle the circumspect miss
is to find that untenable spot
and speak so others will listen

and in the darkness of the night,
in the whiteness of a sheet
as if by magic,
though most likely by Providence
keep speaking your own

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