Midnight Randomness


***originally posted on February 21, 2009

I sit on my bed, on facebook, I guess I need to admit.
I’m waiting for the hubby to get home.
No matter how tired I am, I need to know he’s safely home before I turn in for the night.
So I’m clicking on people’s faces, and with stalker-like precision,I update myself on what’s going on in the lives of people I haven’t seen in years.

Someone I knew from my youth just got engaged.
I congratulate him, and then I read his blog.
It is exciting, new love.
Specially during those early years.
Their pictures and stories make me smile.


It’s been 10 years and 2 months for Steve and I.
Quite an accomplishment, I guess you could say.
Life didn’t turn out the way I imagined it would.
Which is why I’m thankful God is in control.
He gave me practical, brainy, hard-working Steve for a reason.
Through the difficult pregnancies, the monthly hormone-related emotional outbursts, the fat and the lean months, the postponed victories and the daunting challenges—figuring out how the pieces fit together is quite an adventure.
One I can only share with Steve.


A friend from college is right now learning the joys of being a first-time parent.
His baby’s pictures take me back to those days when I first held my Josiah.
He’s 9 now, my firstborn.
And quite the achiever.
He corrects me when I pronounce words wrong.
This boy whom I taught to read is now teaching me how to speak.


One friend is going through a separation.
What do I say?
Despite the many fights—and times when I told Steve to go away, I really do believe this relationship is for life.
But what is one to do when they find themselves on the opposite end of the love story?
It could happen to anyone, it could happen to me.
As I regurgitate what words of wisdom I can remember from marriage experts, I remind myself that at any point, I could be the one needing advice.


A young lady I used to babysit—
She’s planning her wedding, she wants me there.
I long to see her walk down the aisle, but I probably won’t.
I don’t even get to “scrutinize” her love.
He’s cool, she assures me. I think, he’d better be.


A friend’s baby’s pictures, a status update from someone I used to spend a lot of time with, but haven’t talked to in years.
A cheeky wall post, a picture that should not have been made public.
Life goes on all around me, and I observe. Silently, I take note.


So-and-so is a doctor now.
This and that got married.
She’s single now, he’s moved on.
That drink should not be in her hand.


He told me he was busy, I see by the date on the picture he was somewhere he shouldn’t have been.


Some friends decry their lack of a social life.
Nursing school made sure of that.
Someone’s down, someone’s keeping an eye on her kids.
Someone’s waiting for an email I should have sent hours ago.


My old roommate from college wants some sushi.
A former teacher’s child is sick.
Someone posted about someone needing help.
People chime in with their thoughts.


I don’t know where I’m going with this.
My weekend’s pretty much shot, both boys are sick.


I was told I write too much.
I tag people too much as well.
Some will get tagged.
And those reading this will try to match the people tagged with the situations I described.
Fascinating, the human psyche.


Hubby’s home now, and Elijah is awake.
It’s past midnight, and my day is far from over.


God’s got a great sense of humor, and that keeps me going.
And when life really isn’t funny anymore, His love’s got my back.

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