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***originally posted on November 4, 2009


So I picked up my Bible and decided to read the book of Luke…a reminder of Jesus’ days on earth would help me keep the faith…

I tried to imagine what it must have been like for Zacharias…the angel Gabriel must have been a scary sight. Now I know priests talk about God and angels and things of a heavenly nature all the time, but to come face to face with such must be a shock—even if one believed in their existence.

I can totally understand that. See, even when I insist I believe that God is able, I still get shocked when He proves me right. Pleasantly shocked, yes, but shocked nonetheless.

And then there was Mary, who was told that with God nothing was impossible. She must have sat there, long after the angel departed, with mixed emotions. The burden of an unexpected pregnancy would have been a little too much to bear. I mean, what would the neighbors say?

(Oh the many things I regret not doing because I feared what the “neighbors” would say.)

Once again I am struggling to trust Him. Even as I beg Him to speak louder, I can’t seem to hear His voice, I realize how inconsequential my circumstances must be before His greatness, how insignificant my fears compared to His call. Yet I really need my Father to hold me, for just a minute, just to calm the fears that threaten to drown out my feeble calls.

I never believed that the Christian life would be an easy walk. But there are times when it can all be just a wee bit overwhelming, and I stay up nights wondering…

Zacharias, Elizabeth and Mary. They probably had many questions as well, but they let Him have the final say.

I’d like to add my name next to them.

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