Earth’s Fill


***originally posted on March 31, 2009


Her arms limp and empty,
In death she feels no pain
The cries no longer touch her,
She’s left them all behind

Hard earth welcomes her body
Shovels in cadence with soft murmurs
Her last gasp was a prayer,
Her baby cheated, will be hungry

A lost soul needing her touch
No understanding on her brow
Her wailing fills her senses
No mother, not today

Heavy steps draw bodies away
No one takes her hand
Tiny steps will lead to nowhere
Home is buried in the ground

The rains have washed the earth
Good people are hanging on
Four walls and a dirt floor
Dark face that hunger has made darker

Each day is but an empty plate
And it might just be too late
Kingdoms are crashing down
She’s just one soul that’s losing time

So precious is that cheek
That tears have washed and dried
The softer earth cries out
No, not another one

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