Bang a Drum


***originally posted on January 17, 2009


Couldn’t sleep.
So I took a trip down memory lane.
I decided the moon river was a good place to start.
I had a relaxing time just drifting.
But I couldn’t find my huckleberry friends.
I guess they’ve grown up, they’ve moved on.
That leaves only me then.

So I went back to old time New York.
Stopped and chatted with Jack and Dave.
Sang a few songs with them.
Elijah joined me.
He liked the dancing, especially Santa Fe.

Santa Fe. Since I was there, I decided to check in on Billy.
Those young guns aren’t so young anymore,
but the memories are alive and well.

These movies must be partly to blame–
for who I am.
Growing up, watching them
countless times, believing them.
Not love stories, give me something to fight for.
Something to believe in, a cause to die for.
It doesn’t matter that it’s hopeless,
Let me count the cost.

I still can’t sleep.
But now I’m fighting the ghosts
Of who I was, and who I wanted to be

Not a soft bed, but a guilt-less one
Not a wishbone, but a backbone
Not an old lady’s hatred, but a young child’s hope
Not the me that’s content
but the me that’s fighting mad

I’ve found that one true cause
that’s worth all the blood that’s been shed
Billy the Kid and his gang
a thousand orphans and more
It’s worth the fight, it’s worth my blood

and while I’m alive, it’s worth each word
that I write

So bang a drum for me,
and for that one true cause
bang a drum for yourself,
and all that you’ve lost
bang a drum for that lost soul
that started the hatred in your heart,
and bang a drum for the forgiveness
that needed to be said.

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