Facebook Wars


It could be behind the scenes,
Most times it’s quite obvious.
At times you can pick up on it,
a status update, a comment,
a link, or silence when silence is uncommon.

Friendships have been broken,
relationships strained.
It’s easy to assume a post is aimed at you,
although it could be just your guilty conscience talking.

It’s funny how we forget so easily
how we’d never say something out in public
but with a computer in front of us
in our seemingly private rooms
we blurt things out,
and in an instant it’s out there.

I know of someone,
no, don’t hurry down the lines to see if it’s you
But I know of someone
who lives by her computer
and her social network has eyes into her own bedroom
her dirty linen all exposed

It’s her world, she says
she claims her friends understand her
But I can almost hear the snickering,
even as they respond with concern assumed

It’s a whole new frontier
One our parents never expected
But lives have been lost,
and hearts have been broken
And it’s nobody’s fault
Just the breaking down of barriers

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  1. i remember papa said something like, “its not good for you to use technology that way”. FB has made us braver with putting things out there, like a person who is brave when drunk. he knows what he is doing, he knows what he is saying, the alcohol just gave him the courage to actually act it out. FB, i think has opened doors for a lot of things, good or bad. it is unfortunate that relationships get broken this way but i figure, some were never that solid to begin with.

  2. Deep inside, we want to belong. However, people who have found their worth on how many friends they have versus how much lives they have really changed will find themselves lonely. People will be people, and certainly not everyone will be a fan of your blog. But they will certainly see truth and hopefully what you pen will lead them to the One mightier than ink or blade.

  3. so true…fb has been a tool for me to reconnect w/ old friends but nothing beats sharing our chikas over some beef brisket in your old house surrounded by the dramas of our beloved youth group hahaha …keep on blogging…it may sting me sometimes, but would definitely need it from time to time…

  4. Hi Abet, came here by way of a common FB friend

    Considering some of the things I’ve written about FB, I never really wrote about real-life relationships and friendships forged and broken in this social media network that had more than half a billion people and enterprises hooked.

    Reconnecting with friends from the past has been a wonderful thing, that’s for sure.

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for stopping by.

      For all the mess that’s bound to happen, I value facebook for the same reason–I get to reconnect with friends scattered all over and from various periods in my life.


  5. hi there 🙂

    my first time here and i must say, i just love what you wrote. it makes complete sense and it is such a fitting reminder 🙂 when i first got into the whole facebook thing, i did “open up” so much, which is something i dont really do in real life. now i realized there are things that need not to be said and better ways that things can be said either on- or off line 🙂

    good day 🙂

    • Hi Ria,

      Welcome! =D There’s always that temptation, esp. when I’m upset about something and there’s no one to talk to. I used to think I should post a reminder on my lappy—one posted, never can take back! =D


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