It’s been a long time coming…


…and it’s finally here.

For what purpose, I’m not quite sure yet. I just know I need to keep writing.


“Snow in April is abominable,” said Anne. “Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss.”

– From Anne of Green Gables

It snowed yesterday. But not just the nice, fluffy kind.

There was ice mixed with the flakes,

the endless pings on our skylights like harsh laughter

mocking all my excited proclamations that Spring is here.

Then it was snow upon ice,

and treachery lay beneath the white fluff.

But the month is ending,

winter’s reign is almost done.

Even now the snow is melting.

Spring, despite the setback, will come.

And with her will all the twittering birds and blossoming buds hearken.

They will not tarry for they know they are looked for,

and to welcoming eyes

the glint of sunlight on red breasts,

and yellow drops on dried up brown,

will be the promise of a reward.

And faithful ones will be satisfied.

Spring is here, in heart and soul.

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